Self Care

4 perspectives

The quotes below indicate the shared purpose from the 4 perspectives (citizen, corporate, global challenge or innovator). With these quotes we validate if the Shared Purpose is scalable, feasible, societal and economic. If so, it might be an opportunity for Joint development.

Choose your perspective


Absence due to depression costs the Dutch society 2,7 billion euros a year. CZ


The majority of schools around the world are underfunded and understaffed which is resulting in the unwitting neglect of students well-being. Tobias Wernius, SpeakUP

Global Challenge (Ambassadors)

We call out to countries to reduce premature mortality from non-communicable diseases by a third through prevention and treatment, and we call out to promote mental health and well-being Sustainable Development Goals


With e-mental health, healthcare is becoming more accessible. Clients become more involved in their treatment. The user can also work on the problem in daily situations. Usersreceive more feedback and become more open because they can stay anonymous.” Digitale Zorgkompas