Self Care

4 perspectives

The quotes below indicate the shared purpose from the 4 perspectives (citizen, corporate, global challenge or innovator). With these quotes we validate if the Shared Purpose is scalable, feasible, societal and economic. If so, it might be an opportunity for Joint development.

Choose your perspective


Absence due to depression costs the Dutch society 2,7 billion euros a year. CZ


Lack of psychological safety in schools can lead to bullying, decreased self esteem, or depression Mervi Pankalainen, Mightifier

Global Challenge (Ambassadors)

Around 450 million people currently suffer from mental health conditions. Placing mental disorders among leading causes of ill-health and dissability world wide. WHO


Research shows that preventative solutions can be key to foster an open attitude to life long learning, and to improve personal wellbeing during the lifespan. Harold Bekkering, Radboud University