Personalized Medicine

4 perspectives

The quotes below indicate the shared purpose from the 4 perspectives (citizen, corporate, global challenge or innovator). With these quotes we validate if the Shared Purpose is scalable, feasible, societal and economic. If so, it might be an opportunity for Joint development.

Choose your perspective


Personalized medicine promises to increase the quality of clinical care and, in some cases, to decrease health care costs. McKinsey & Company


As the costs of the technology continue to drop we anticipate that this technology will become accessible to everyone, meaning that the whole of society will benefit from its potential. Tom Stubbs, Chronomics

Global Challenge (Ambassadors)

Not only are the possibilities now here to bring the right treatment to the right patient at the right time, but huge possibilities also exist when using new tools and unimaginably large amounts of healthcare data, not only for diagnosis and treatment, but also for prevention. Beata Jagielska, Polish Alliance for Personalized Medicine


What impact would innovation in the area of Personalised Medicine have on the daily lives of patients? Enormous. it would tailor the treatment on an individual basis and therefore deliver a greater chance of succes. Peter Kapitein, Inspire2Live